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1) Robert Hennecke 
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Tuesday, 12 May 2020 01:48 AM

In the history of murders of anyone in Canada, how many died by the assailant jumping on the rib cage either feet or knee manner. VERY FEW. Allen Legere, the monster of Mieamichi NB killed a priest in that manner. He also raped and murdered multiple women. He was roughly 23 at the time, black hair blue eyes, a self taught locksmith (how he escaped), had travelled during the 70 s as a used car salesman in North Bay and Sudbury and NB. He was from an area called Verdun, NB. Evidence used to seal a conviction was jewllery sold in Mtl of a kidnapped and murdered NB woman. Had known drug trafficking contacts in Mtl, was in with the Hells Angels etc... fits the description of Cheryl Roy s attacker. Currently in max security in Quebec province.
I strongly urge intervieeing him
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