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1) Robert Hennecke 
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Monday, 7 September 2009 06:30 PM

Regarding # 183, I am certain that the person being referred to was not 20 in 1975, I was 11 going on 12 and he was at the most 3 years older, somewhere between 1 to 3 years older. He lived across the street from me and I saw him many many times at the Boy's and Girl's club and he is very far in my mind as a possible suspect. It is very notable that #183 accuses this person in public but does not leave his own.

Over the more than three decades that have elapsed since the event, critical information would have most cerainly leaked out if it had been a Pointer. Anyone knowing the point of the 70's and early 80's knows that people knew quite intimately the in's and outs of their friends lives and that largely extended to even their neighbours as well~in short it was extremely difficult to keep something secret of even banal issues let alone involvement in a murder that had shocked the community. So in other words if it had been the person implied by #183, his many contacts in the neighbourhood would have learned incriminating evidence since then and most likely have passed it along to someone with a need to know.

I reiterate that it is most probable that the assailant was someone who lived on the south shore and worked at least for a while in Point Saint Charles. Why?~ because it doesn't make sense to cross either the Victoria or Champlain Bridge with a girl in your vehicle who by the way was still alive as she was grasping a branch in the field in Longueil. This person most likely dropped her off their as it is an area that he is intimately familiar with whereas a Pointer would know that all along the river-front from Griffintown or Goosevillage to Verdun their are countless areas she could have been left off. These being public lands meant that it would have taken longer to know about it with it still being relatively cool(temp) and a private proerty with the owner obviously monitoring his proerty, with a gate and a lock ties the incident to someone having a possible connection to the owner. It may be possible that the person wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the unravelling of the riddle that would imply a fair amount of prior planning that seems very unlikely given the attack on Cheryl Roy only 7-12 minutes beforehand and the large number of clues left at the scene and the frantic manner in which they were left.Surely leaving a girl still breathing on the ground of a private property that had been locked with tire prints, footprints, his shirt etc...indicates a frantic desire to get the process over with in a hurry without a lot of planning. Why someone working in the Point? That would have made the person familiar with the district but also not too well known in the area as well as providing a measure of insulation from the locals as to who the person is but yet allowing him to feel comfortable moving about as there is a measure of familiarity with the layout of the area due to the idea of having to go there so frequently. This makes this type of person as the ideal type and I think being there allowed him to figure out what building to use and how to go about it.
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